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Full Moon withYin


You’re invited to experience 2hrs of blissful Yin Yoga & Meditation with Bree Naomee.

Full Moon is a time of release & letting go of limiting beliefs, old stories and past experiences so you can become the best and most empowering version of yourself.

This night we will focus on some deeply therapeutic and juicy hip openers with healing sonic sounds.

Full Moon Astrology for Sepember:

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Personal investment only $20

Limited spaces reserve your space here now!

Earlier Event: 4 July
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