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Full Moon withYin & Cacao Ceremony

Full Moon withYin & Cacao Ceremony with Bree Naomee

You're invited to experience 1.5hrs of Yin Yoga and meditation with a beautiful Cacao Ceremony on October 12th at Yoga Alma as we celebrate the beautiful energies of Octobers Full Moon in Aries.

The chemical constituents of cacao support concentration and focus, a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, a connection to the senses, personal insight and an authentic communion with one’s own heart and heart’s intelligence. Cacao Ceremony adds richness, connection, depth to our practice.

Full Moon is a time to release, let go of the past and any limiting beliefs allowing you to move forward in your full power.

We will focus on releasing held tension, tightness and blocked emotions through therapeutic deep stretches and healing sounds of the ocean.




Astrology: The full moon in October 2019 at 20° Aries brings intense and challenging emotions from a testing square aspect to Pluto. But a beneficial trine aspect to lucky Jupiter makes the full moon October 2019 astrology more positive, overall.

The October 2019 full moon may trigger a personal or relationship crisis but also opportunities to transform, grow and find happiness. There are especially good signs for lovers who are going through rough times. The full moon in Constellation Andromeda promotes love and reconciliation, while the previous new moon continues to bring love and good fortune.

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