Didgeridoo Breathwork Healing Experience
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Didgeridoo Breathwork Healing Experience

✨🌿 You’re invited to a transformative, healing and honouring experience to connect you in more deeply with ancient wisdom through the acknowledgement of remembering who we all really are.

This experience is a Didgeridoo Breathwork Healing Experience facilitated by ‘Spirit Man’ - Goothala Doyle from Spirit Ancient Wisdom Circle. Goothala will be travelling to Melbourne from Lexton, VIC after presenting at the Rainbow Serpent festival before making his way back to Brisbane.

This is a time of deep healing as we acknowledge all that we are to shift in readiness to be more fully our authentic selves connected to spirit.

This experience will be a 3 hr workshop in a nourishing and comfortable environment involving meditations and inner journeying with sound bath healing with the Didgeridoo. This is a safe and wholehearted space to connect as a community and walk along side of each other during the healing process.

This experience is a similar journey to what Goothala shares at many festivals, retreats and workshops around Australia to hold deep presence for people’s transformative journeys.

You’re welcome to contact Bree Naomee with any questions that you may have about this experience.

✨🌿 Event Details:

• 6pm - 9pm Sunday February 10. Please arrive at 5:45pm for a 6pm start.
• $60 per person financial contribution offered upon arrival in cash is appreciated.
• Please wear comfortable clothing.
• Please bring water.
• Cushions, mats and herbal teas provided.

We look forward to being with you there.

Goothala and the Yoga Alma team

✨🌿 More insight about Goothala:

Goothala Doyle, Dreamtime Healer, Actor, Traditional Craftsman/Artisan, Cultural Educator and Activist, Presenter of the World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Conference 2017.

Goothala Doyle’s Country and Peoples Yuggurabul. The head of the snake sits at the mouth of the Brisbane river with its fork tongue reaching to the two Islands Straddie and Moreton the shared boundaries are south of the Caboolture river and north of the Logan river and go back to the Toowoomba Range, then Yarrawa language groups are between Toowoomba and flows out to past Dalby towards Chinchilla and north to and including some parts of the Bunya Mountains towards Kingaroy, Mothers side Wakka Wakka continues towards Theadore and turns into Wolli Wolli and stops at Theadore creek Back to Fathers side Iman starts at Theadore and goes out to Canarvan Gorge then Tails off to the Yumba at Mitchell, Goongarrie country.

Goothala was first recognised as the first Aboriginal person to successfully sue the Queensland police department in the 80s.
He attended the Aboriginal and Islander Dance Theatre in Glebe, Sydney NSW, it became NAISDA before he left and Bangarra was being birthed around the time that he left by the 3 Page brothers

Goothala married a beautiful intelligent woman of the Wik peoples of western Cape York and they share 3 beautiful intelligent girls, now women.

He was chosen to represent Australia and protest against the French nuclear testing in the south pacific with the Bodyshop when it was still owned by an amazing woman and alongside representatives of First Nations peoples of the South Pacific. He travelled to Canada for the First Nations Round Table Festival in Vancouver.

Goothala has worked at a grassroots level in the Aboriginal Communities of Napranum and Aurukun communities both before and when the CDEP work for the dole program came in.
He has worked in many roles from Homeland Movement to Community Place Officer. He also worked for mining companies from regeneration to loading ships and was present during John Howards 10 point plan to the signing of the Wik agreement.

He also took a group of dancers to the Laura Dance and Cultural Festival mostly elders in the true sense of the word and they got first prize that year. He also took the Aurukun community to a footy festival that they also got first prize.

Goothala worked as a Youth Officer and then Community Partnerships Officer for Education Queensland delivering Yarning Circle created by Debra Bennett. Cultural frameworks He was also involved in training facilitators in the Yarning Circle and in delivering the Hidden History as part of embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the curriculum process.

Goothala has been an Actor and has acted in a few movies. A couple of these movies are ‘Dead Creek’ by Benjamin Southwell and Eagle Hawk by Bryan Nason.

He lives a semi traditional life and has had a no fixed address for many years even when being enslaved in the systems of government and industry. He has had no fixed address and worked for education environment centres conducted weaving, didgeridoo, bushtukka and medicine walks and talks on country.
Goothala currently delivers authentic Cultural Education Circles, first under the Nature Yarn elements circles and now Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom. His work encompasses cultural processes, practices and spirituality teaching and or guiding many to live beyond all religions and much more to be there authentic selves.

In Goothala’s words, “some say I teach them to be Aboriginal to themselves and I teach all people of all Nations". " I also do Dreamtime Healer using Holographic Kinetics created by Steve Richards.

In recent events Goothala performed didgeridoo at the Commonwealth Games and have continued to perform at the Woodford Festival every year for the sacred heart union labrith.
Goothala is also presenting at the Family Constilations Intensive held in Sydney every year.

Bookings https://studiobookingsonline.com/yogaalma/workshop.html

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7 Elements to Wellness Day Retreat
9:30 AM09:30

7 Elements to Wellness Day Retreat

Would you like to start the new year with a bang?

You will leave this one day retreat with a deep understanding on how to improve your quality of life in all areas by tapping into your greatest power of self.

At this full day workshop with Health & Wellness Coach Bree Naomee you will:

-Learn the 7 elements to creating an abundance of health & wealth into your life. 

-Understand belief systems and how to let go of limiting beliefs.

-Learn the heart of emotional intelligence and feel at peace with your inner and outer worlds.

-Learn how you can improve your gut health through the importance of good nutrition, detox and cleansing.

-Develop self-love and compassion with Yoga and mindfulness.

-Find your purpose through the exploration of deep inner wisdom and realign yourself with your true core values.

- Meditation & mindfulness techniques

-Learn the art of daily application and personal growth through these 7 elements.

The learnings of this full-day workshop will support you to:

- Build happier, fuller and better relationships with yourself, others and the world
- Build resilience to stress and minimise extreme emotional episodes
- Get in touch with your core values and and head towards achieving your goals
- Learn tools to integrate into your life that will support you to better cope with stress & anxiety.
- Learn easy daily strategies to incorporate into everyday life around the 7 Elements

There will be interactive exercises throughout the day and a delicious plant-based healthy lunch.


Bree Naomee a health and wellness educator, retreat facilitator, experienced and certified yoga & mindfulness teacher, wellness coach and certified Pilates & fitness instructor. 

Her dharma (purpose) is helping you live to your highest potential through the understanding and application of 7 elements. This includes understanding and letting go of limiting belief systems, emotional intelligence and management, nutrition, yoga, exercise & fitness, realigning yourself with core values, the art of meditation and empowerment. 

Bree believes that in order to be the best version of ourselves we need to work on all of these elements as a whole. Her passion for the wellness industry shines through her teachings and she is well known for her supportive approach and love for helping others develop love and compassion towards self, others and the world around us. 

Bree Naomee runs retreats around the world sharing her story and helping many by inviting people to join her on this journey of self healing, empowerment and overall life abundance through these 7 elements.

WHEN: SATURDAY 2ND feb 2018, 9:30AM-5:30PM

WHERE: Yoga Alma - 299 Riding Road, Balmoral BRISBANE

EARLY BIRD $195 UNTIL DEC 15TH ! (full price $245)
Includes a delicious healthy lunch

BOOKINGS - https://studiobookingsonline.com/yogaalma/workshop.html


9:30am Gentle Hatha Yoga & Meditation

11am - 1pm LB & EI Workshop

1pm Lunch & Nutrition Talk

2-4pm CV & Daily application Workshop

4:15pm Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

5:30pm Finish


Fantastic experience, very inspiring, motivational & life changing. I feel like I am walking out a new person. Loved the workshops. Learning about limiting beliefs and emotional intelligence was the most beneficial for me, it will change my life. I definitely recommend the 7 Elements Retreat.

- Lily Roberts

Bree has such an open and calm energy. From the yoga classes catering for beginners to the conversations and workshops promoting healthy living through physical and spiritual understanding of changing elements of lifestyle to enhance my journey.

- Hugh McDermott

Sensational, wonderful, amazing! 10/10

- Kylie Beatar

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Super Full Blue Moon withYin
7:00 PM19:00

Super Full Blue Moon withYin

The Blue Moon (second of two full moons in one calendar month ) is the first of two Blue Moons in 2018. So it’s not just a lunar eclipse, or a Blue Moon, or a supermoon. It’s all three … a super Blue Moon eclipse!


High tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

During this time we are letting go of the old so we can focus on to the new intention we manifest at the time of the new moon. Full moons are a time for celebration! 

Join us for a night of Yin Yoga and Meditation, plus regenerative sound healing of the ocean. 

7pm - 9pm 

Investment $30 


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