Yin Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane

20hr Yin Yoga Immersion TT for teachers & students

November 29 - Dec 1st 2019




This 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Immersion Retreat will give you the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to teach Yin Yoga safely. This Yin Yoga immersion is also for people who want to develop a deeper understanding of their body and practice. We will be covering many different aspects of Yin Yoga including anatomy & physiology and how fascia/myofascial meridians are an essential part of understanding Yin Yoga, skeletal variations and the importance of teaching functionally rather than aesthetically and delve deep into the physical practice of Yin Yoga.

To understand Yin Yoga we must first develop a relationship to the physical body, then we move onto the emotional body and it’s mind (astral body) exploring consciousness expressed as emotions and feelings and how this relates to our practice. Here we learn how the role of mindfulness applies to Yin Yoga and how we can use different techniques and cues to guide people through a journey. We will then learn about the Causal Body and it’s mind which is expressed as intelligence and wisdom and explore Yin Yoga Philosophy, Taoist Philosophy and Tantra Philosophy.

During this 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will also gain an introduction to Chinese Meridians, Chi and Chakras, the esoteric and the exoteric: Yin & Yang theory and learn how to weave all these teachings through creative, meaningful and powerful sequencing techniques.


  • History of Yin Yoga

  • Yin & Yang Theory and The Heart of Taoism

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yin Yoga

  • Fascia & Myofascial Meridians

  • Skeletal differences, compression vs tension

  • Intro to Chinese Meridians, Chi and Chakras

  • Postural clinic - Yin Yoga poses

  • Yin Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle

  • Aesthetic vs Functional teaching and cueing

  • Creative, meaningful and powerful sequencing techniques

What people say…..

“I am so grateful to have taken the first ever 3-day Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bree at Yoga Alma in Brisbane. The highlight for me was learning more about the specific poses used, the benefits and how it came to be. Bree has a lot of training in Yin Yoga and was able to articulate it in a very clear and fun way.

I now have greater awareness as to the flow and design of a yin yoga sequence as well as a new understanding of it’s approach. This particular yin training covered some of the philosophy, leaders in the industry, anatomy, meridians and also recommended some amazing books but my favourite part was the actual yin yoga classes we did throughout. This was a wonderful experience for me as I’m a yoga teacher new to yin. Having time to feel it in the body and apply it on a practical level was a great way to personally integrate the teachings. There was also time given at the end to teach others which I thought was great. Thank you to Bree and the team for taking time to create this training and sharing the knowledge. Can’t wait to teach my first proper Yin Yoga class tonight now with confidence and a deeper understanding. “

- Dianne Hauritz Senior Yoga Teacher

“ Thanks so much for such a transformative weekend. It really touched in so many different ways. I found the training really helpful, in terms of understanding more about the target area in every pose and all the modifications. Navigating around the history and meridians was amazing.

I feel like I gained a lot of space in the body and the mind, It never stop amazing me how connected they are. I really love the layers that explored during the weekend and I feel deeply grateful for being able to be part of it.

- Paula Narvaez Yoga Teacher

“Thanks Bree for your teacher training of Yin yoga! Your detailed breakdown of each asana along with in-depth discussion on Merdians, the anatomy & physiology was extremely helpful, allowing me to deepen my understanding and practice of Yin Yoga. The ongoing access to the online portal is an extremely valuable reference material to have. I have used it several times, to assist with class planning since completing my training at Yoga Alma.”

- Mary-Anne Wells Senior Yoga Teacher

Book 1/2/3 days

Day 1 - Friday 29th of November 4pm - 9pm $95

2hr practice of Yin Yoga

  • Meditation & mindfulness techniques

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • Benefits of Yin Yoga: The Science

  • Yin & Yang Theory & The Heart of Taoism

Day 2 - Saturday 30th of November 9am - 5pm $160

2hr practice of Yin Yoga

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yin Yoga

  • Fascia & Myofascial Meridians

  • Skeletal differences, compression vs tension

  • Common injuries and how Yin Yoga can manage/prevent injury

  • Postural clinic

  • Aesthetic vs Functional teaching and practice

Day 3 - Sunday 1st of Dec 9am - 4pm $160

  • Intro to Chinese Meridians, Chi and Chakras

  • Exploring Taoist & Tantra Philosophy

  • Postural clinic

  • Creative, meaningful and powerful sequencing techniques

  • Teaching practice


About Bree Naomee


Bree Naomee has been practicing and teaching Yin Yoga for over 10 years and stumbled upon Yin Yoga after a severe back injury leaving her hospitalised and unable to walk. Not only did Yin Yoga help her heal and recover at a rapid rate, she knew then she wanted to share this practice with the world and help others experience the deeply therapeutic benefits of Yin Yoga physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. She is a world renowned Yin Yoga teacher and her passion shines through her teachings and trainings offering a unique, warm, knowledgeable and supportive style with a bubble of laughter thrown in!

Bree is the owner of Yoga Alma in Balmoral Brisbane and wanted to develop a course that was comprehensive but also affordable for teachers and students to attend and gain a deep understanding of the human body and Yin Yoga.

Bree is a Member of Yoga Alliance & Yoga International & you can find a short bio of her at YinYoga.com with Bernie Clark and some of the worlds most inspiring Yin Yoga teachers.  



By completing the 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll receive a 20hr Yoga Alliance certification and can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU)




If you are travelling and need somewhere to stay there are plenty of airbnb's around or the city/valley is just 15mins drive from the studio and close to the ferry. If you need any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact Bree on 0420 765 617. 

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