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Yoga Alma -

Not your average yoga studio... C

alming, vibrant & fun!

This unique & quirky yoga and pilates studio is located in the heart of Bulimba, Balmoral & Hawthorne. The bottom level of this gorgeous Queenslander character home has been fitted out with a beautiful light filled and comfortable home studio, this is a relaxed environment and welcome to all during class times. Classes are small and personalised and this is the perfect place for beginners and anyone wanting to deepen their practice.

Please arrive 10-15 mins early for sign in. Entry is via the right side access around to the back and the yoga studio is the first door on the left. Please leave shoes outside.

Mats and props are provided free of charge however you are welcome to bring your own mat. 

There is plenty of street parking is available on Riding Rd & Fifth Ave. 

Please book classes online via the timetable :) 

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To reserve your FREE classes and workshops click on the timetable, go to December 1st and book, limited spaces available!!  

Yin - Deep stretch 

Yin Yoga is a slower, deep healing style of Yoga than the dynamic active practice that we see in modernised Yoga today. It is very therapeutic for the body and mind and available for anyone to practice.

This beautiful deep and powerful practice allows us to relax and restore our body. We target specific areas of the body, muscle groups and fascia (connective tissue) to allow elongation and openness of these tissues. Over the longer holds in these poses we allow the body to rejuvenate. The fluids in our body flow more freely by stimualting the meridian lines and we can clear blockages, tension and tightness to improve mobility and flexibility.

Beginners + all levels 


Suitable for all levels and focuses on building strength, lengthening, balance, chi flow movements, core exercises and stretching. Connecting breath with movement, calming the mind and improving focus and concentration. 

Beginners + all levels

PILATES / YOGALATES -  Core strength, yoga & stretch

Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. Our core is our support system and the powerhouse of the body, having a strong core can help with back pain and assist in injury prevention. We combine core strength exercises with Yoga and stretching.

Beginners + all levels

NEW 30min ABS! 

Faster paced class designed to build core strength fast. Follow your 30min ABS class with deep stretch on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The perfect combination to a strong and flexible body! 



Bree Naomee (studio owner)

Bree discovered the beautiful healing powers of Yoga over 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune disease and was hospitalised. She was told she would never recover and be on heavy medication for the rest of her life. 

After a year long battle Bree refused to accept this and turned to yoga & nutrition, Bree found that yoga and nutrition not only physically helped heal her body but a huge part of curing herself was that yoga helped her mentally and emotionally. 

Her passion for the deeply therapeutic practice of Yin Yoga and Pilates helped Bree heal sports injuries, a herniated disc and bulging discs in her spine which she was again told would never heal. She now dedicates her life to healing and helping others through the amazing benefits of Yoga and self care. 

Bree is certified in Hatha/Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Pilates Mat work. She has attended many workshops and trainings around the world including many different healing techniques and is continually inspired by her mentors. She a lifetime student of Yoga, Pilates and fitness and loves bringing all these modalities together. 

Bree teaches from a functional anatomical approach and gives variations to each pose to suit YOUR body she teaches every class with a strong focus on mindfulness and meditation using mind-body connection and deep awareness of oneself to empower and inspire you to live Yoga on and off the mat.

After recovering from injuries and spending years of practice from Hatha/Vinyasa, Bikram to Yin and Yang styles of Yoga, Bree has taken a little piece of goodness from each practice, each training and from her mentors all around the world to develop a unique, easy to follow and practical way to understand Yoga and its benefits for beginners. In one of Bree's classes you can expect support, guidance, understanding of the variations in the anatomical body, positivity and a bubble of laughter thrown in! 

Krissi Elsley

Krissi was introduced to yoga as a young girl watching her mother do Uddiyana Bundha
Kriya (detox exercise) each morning and was fascinated by this practice. At 18 she
attended her first full yoga class and since then she’s had a love affair with this beautiful
holistic practice. For 25 years Krissi has been an active participant of yoga on and off the
mat, which naturally led to becoming a yoga teacher studying with Power Living Australia
and training at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in India.


Krissi’s classes are well balanced to create challenge and relaxation. With 25 years
experience as a remedial masseuse/healer, working alongside many health professionals
(e.g. osteopaths and acupuncturists) she has gained an excellent understanding of the
human body. Incorporating this knowledge and also drawing on years of personal
meditation practice, the foundations for her teaching style were created.
For the last 6 years Krissi has been a full time Brisbane instructor: weaving traditional and
modern philosophy into her classes and following her Dharma to assist people in
reconnecting to their inner peace. She continues to share her joy and love of yoga whist
offering an authentic heart centred practice.


Emily Jones

Emily’s relationship with yoga is still in the blossoming stages. She first officially fell in love with the practice in 2011, after a traumatic motor vehicle accident left residual anxiety and physical injuries requiring a change of focus. Initially it was the unique connection of breath with movement, and the
practice of mindfulness, which provided the greatest benefits; themes which have remained true over the years.

With over 25 years of movement experience in sports and activities as distinctive as gymnastics, weightlifting and circus aerials; Emily quickly resonated with flowing and moving in the style of vinyasa. It wasn’t long
though before she identified the strong yang-like dominance to her life and she began to develop a great appreciation for the slowing down and balance involved in the practice of Yin.

With 18 years of experience teaching gymnastics, waterskiing and aerials workshops, Emily identified immediately that she’d love to share the practice of yoga with students. As a clinical nurse, Emily is passionate about health, and the cultivation of this using mind-body connection and self-awareness.Helping others is innate in her nature and her classes are an invitation to get
to know oneself, with offerings of mindfulness and meditative practices, designed to be of use and benefit in every day life.

As a lifelong learner, Emily has completed several Post Graduate Nursing qualifications, 200hr Acroyoga Teaching Training, 350hr Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, 50hr Yin Teacher Training, Antigravity Fundamentals, and is enrolled in upcoming Healthy Ageing Through Yoga.



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