5 Reasons you need a strong core

1. Help prevent & manage injuries

Building a strong core takes more than a few crunches and is one of those exercise regimes most people love to dislike! 

It’s so important to build core stability, and then you build core strength, you want to get the deeper muscles working first. When you’ve got a strong core, everything else will fit into place on top of it, which means your overall fitness will improve, making you less prone to injury down the road.

Almost all movement starts at the centre and moves outward. A rock-solid centre will help ensure that your movements are strong and pain-free. 

Pilates exercises are effective for building core stability. Drawing in the pelvic floor to strengthen the lower end of your core (with the added bonus of better bladder control) helps us gain control and build strength on a much deeper level.  


If your core is strong, you will carry yourself with confidence. 

Studies show that physically active people have less chance of developing kyphosis (an exaggerate forward thoracic curvature – hunched forward) compared to sedentary people. The Pilates method is effective in reinforcing efficient movement patterns and strengthening.

A person with a good posture gives the impression that they have their life in control, a slumped posture, on the other hand, looks weak and defeated. 

3. Strengthen your core FOR back pain

Recent research on back pain, movement dysfunction and what is commonly called "Core Stability" has demonstrated the importance of the stabilising function of the deep trunk musculature. 

80% of people suffer from back pain or will suffer at some point in life and the majority of back pain comes from a weak core. Consistency with a core strengthening exercise can prevent, eliminate and manage back pain along with many other injuries.   

Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help, either. Not being mindful of how we’re sitting, and not engaging our core, can lead to things like compressed discs in our spine.

Your spinal cord is everything, but if you have pressure on it because it isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then it is going to affect your movements and can really affect your quality of life. 

4. ProtectION FOR your inner organs and central nervous system

Your core is not only where your organs and central nervous system do their work, it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based. To ensure everything stays protected as you move throughout your day it is important to maintain and keep a strong core. 

5. You’ll feel better

Once you’ve developed your core stability, you can start working on the more superficial core muscles to build strength you’ll be able to see. Someone with a 6 pack doesn't necessarily have a strong core and too much of this can tighten other areas of the body causing discomfort. 

Building from the inside out will not only make you feel strong and healthy but can assist with emotional imbalances leaving you feel lighter and brighter! 

Bree Skoczek