1 Reason why I don't eat animals (it's not what you may think!)


There, that's it! Simple.

Why would I eat another living being? Why do we see some animals elite or different from others? Why is a dog different from a cow or different from a human being for that matter? We all operate on DNA, and share the same molecular mechanisms, we all have a nervous system, heart, brain legs, arms ect. even though our visible bodies are different, Is that why? Because we look different so we should torture, murder and eat each other? We all go through the same life cycle from a mother & father giving birth to a precious child to nurture and raise on this planet, but wait because we are a cow, a pig, a turkey or any other type of animal you eat we should have our babies taken from us and have them raped, tortured and murdered and then people eat us? Do we still live in the stone ages? Are we cavemen? Have we not evolved from then? Wow. Crazy stuff. Real & true. Choose to open your eyes, open your mind and your heart. Or not. Each to their own I say! 

Bree Skoczek