Samsara 2011 Documentary

Wow. This filmed touched me on so many different levels I can't even begin to explain. I was in tears within the first 5 minutes which what I thought was extremely strange as at the time it made no sense but by the end I knew why. 

For me this film was so intriguing and so incredibly emotional there are no words, I mean there are actually no words.  

Throughout the film in some moments I was in a deep mediative state and at peace with the beauty, sometimes extremely emotional and questioning all of existence on earth and also moments of absolute confusion and disgust which in reality pretty much sums up life in general which is why I think I connected so well with it. 

Having no words was so much more special to me. 

We live on this place called earth which does in fact have peace and so much beauty but yet so much violence, fear, sickness, death, corruption, anger, hate, judgement & negativity. But why? 

I seem to get more confused day by day as I continue to expand and open my mind to live my life more consciously which to me means to respect our planet and all living beings and trying my hardest not to live in this world as above mentioned. Now when I have a negative thought about something or someone I try and figure out why and do my best to let it go and replace those thoughts with acceptance and love. There is no need to express it if it does not come from a place of love because I am only hurting myself (because it is not true) and others, instead I choose to change that thought. 

One of the conclusions that came to mind while watching this film with no words is, for anyone that wants to open their mind to something more than what this materialistic world the majority of us live in is, the truth is we all come from a place of pure love, peace, happiness and pure consciousness without thought & without words. I hear people all the time say "speak your mind" "even if it hurts or it's nasty tell them what you think" and unfortunately I used to do this a lot but in reality if we are doing this and speaking or acting in a negative and hurtful way this is not the truth, this does not come from a place of love, this comes from a place of hurt. When we judge another we are not defining them we are defining ourselves. Until we can strip down these layers of conditional thinking and fear we will never be truly happy. 

What do you think the world would be like without words? 


Bree Naomee



Bree Skoczek