The misconception of Yoga - Short & Sweet

I hear so many people saying "I am not flexible enough" "I am too old" "I have too many injuries" or "I am not skinny enough" to do Yoga. There is such a massive misconception of what Yoga actually is. You DO NOT need to be flexible to practice Yoga and you are never too old to practice Yoga, yoga is for every-BODY. 

Yoga is not about how to look good in a posture and flexibility and it is such a shame that modernised Yoga in some way has led people to believe this.

Yoga is a way of life, yoga helps us connect on a deep emotional level to deal with everyday life stress and to be more accepting and loving of ourselves and others. Yoga is union and yoga is evolutionary. 

Yoga can give you the ability to recognise and have control over your thoughts, to change conditional thinking and negative patterns in our lives. Practicing Yoga creates more openness and space in our bodies and in our minds. It is a connection between the mind, body & soul and Yoga is healing.

We all want more peace in our life right?

It begins with YOU. It begins with wanting to make a positive change in your life, to have more freedom, more acceptance, more patience, more understanding of who you truly are, more clarity, more strength and so much more on a deeper level so you can start living life to your full potential without fear. 

True happiness. 

Bree Naomee


Bree Skoczek