5 Reasons you need a strong core

1. Help prevent & manage injuries

Building a strong core takes more than a few crunches and is one of those exercise regimes most people love to dislike! 

It’s so important to build core stability, and then you build core strength, you want to get the deeper muscles working first. When you’ve got a strong core, everything else will fit into place on top of it, which means your overall fitness will improve, making you less prone to injury down the road.

Almost all movement starts at the centre and moves outward. A rock-solid centre will help ensure that your movements are strong and pain-free. 

Pilates exercises are effective for building core stability. Drawing in the pelvic floor to strengthen the lower end of your core (with the added bonus of better bladder control) helps us gain control and build strength on a much deeper level.  


If your core is strong, you will carry yourself with confidence. 

Studies show that physically active people have less chance of developing kyphosis (an exaggerate forward thoracic curvature – hunched forward) compared to sedentary people. The Pilates method is effective in reinforcing efficient movement patterns and strengthening.

A person with a good posture gives the impression that they have their life in control, a slumped posture, on the other hand, looks weak and defeated. 

3. Strengthen your core FOR back pain

Recent research on back pain, movement dysfunction and what is commonly called "Core Stability" has demonstrated the importance of the stabilising function of the deep trunk musculature. 

80% of people suffer from back pain or will suffer at some point in life and the majority of back pain comes from a weak core. Consistency with a core strengthening exercise can prevent, eliminate and manage back pain along with many other injuries.   

Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help, either. Not being mindful of how we’re sitting, and not engaging our core, can lead to things like compressed discs in our spine.

Your spinal cord is everything, but if you have pressure on it because it isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then it is going to affect your movements and can really affect your quality of life. 

4. ProtectION FOR your inner organs and central nervous system

Your core is not only where your organs and central nervous system do their work, it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based. To ensure everything stays protected as you move throughout your day it is important to maintain and keep a strong core. 

5. You’ll feel better

Once you’ve developed your core stability, you can start working on the more superficial core muscles to build strength you’ll be able to see. Someone with a 6 pack doesn't necessarily have a strong core and too much of this can tighten other areas of the body causing discomfort. 

Building from the inside out will not only make you feel strong and healthy but can assist with emotional imbalances leaving you feel lighter and brighter! 

The Art of Letting go

It is human nature to become too attached to things or people. And it can be very difficult to find out how to let go from these attachments even if we know that they are not good for us. Buddha's great quote "The root of all suffering is attachment" and that pretty much sums it up. 

Some of us become attached to unhealthy habits or relationships because we are trying to fill a void, an emptiness inside that perhaps comes from a lack of self love or acceptance so we look for things outside to grasp onto and distract us from what's really going on inside. 

The first step to letting go is to become aware of these patterns in your life, to take a good hard look at the things and people you are attached to. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the momentum of life and not realise we are going around in circles. We wonder why it is that we feel so exhausted or tired or angry, emotional, lack of energy, sick or think life keeps throwing snow balls at us. 

The truth is what you give out you get right back! Give good energy, receive good energy. Put good things into your body, receive good health. Give respect, receive respect and so on. If we are constantly caught up in negativity and unhealthy habits then yes the universe will snowball us. You create your own reality and you have the power to change anything at anytime whether you believe it or not is a different story, and I'll give you a little secret... you have the power to change that thought pattern too! 

Being attached to things whether this be material/people/drama or unhealthy habits can come from our conditioning as a child, limiting beliefs, programming from the TV, people we choose to be around and our life experiences. 

The next step is to face or fears and bring our awareness inward. Look deep inside yourself to see if you can find where these limitations are underlying. Perhaps seek guidance from a teacher. 

Once we realise these negative patterns and decide to make a change sometimes we can experience temptation and craving to go back to that familiar pattern. When this happens, take a comfortable seat relaxing your body and mind. Bring your attention to your breath. Notice that sense of craving like a contraction in your mind that you can relax and release with every out breath.

Step 3, make a list of things that make you happy when you do them. Include people that brighten up your day, that when they leave you, you feel a sense of upliftment.

Start to become aware of what you put into your body, do you feel good or bad after eating/drinking this and how are the after effects. 

Also make a list of things that you do, what you put into your body and people you are around that don't make you feel so great. Anything that is not serving you in a positive way needs to be on this list. 

Step 4, make a decision to only do the things and that make you feel great and surround yourself with people that positively uplift you. 

Burn the list of things that have a negative influence in your life and choose to LET THEM GO. 

This process can be challenging but just like anything it takes practice, patience and persistence. Always know that you can seek guidance if you are feeling overwhelmed with your new decisions and life choices. 

SELF LOVE - Now you know that good experiences and healthy habits only bring positive experiences in your life. Now it's time for self-love to ensure you do not need to look outside yourself to fill anything! 

Listen to your body, practice mindfulness, meditate and clear your mind from any negative thought patterns trying to weasel their way back in. 

Yoga is a great way to start to practice mindfulness and self care, bring you back into your body and let go of the thinking mind. Yoga is unity and acceptance. This can help you re-connect with your true self. You will soon realise that self love is the best love of any kind. 

"True Yoga is not about the shape if your body but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed, yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn't care about what you have been. Yoga cares about who you are becoming. Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose and for it to be truly called Yoga, it's essence must be embodied." Aadil Palkhivala

Spend time in nature, take walks and stop to smell the flowers!

Take time for you, nurture your mind, body and soul. 

Try new things and find out what makes you sparkle with joy. 

Namaste, have a wonderful day! 

Bree Naomee

Ahimsa - non violence 'compassion'

This entire months focus at YOGA ALMA is on Ahimsa - one of the yoga yamas which are yogas ethical and moral codes that give a guide to living a peaceful and happy life in harmony with yourself and all living beings. 

Ahimsa is related to the notion that any violence has karmic consequences. It is a multi dimensional concept, that all living beings are equal and have the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. 

This can include physical, mental & emotional violence towards others and ourselves. We create acts of violence most often in our reactions to events and situations which creates judgement, criticism, anger, irritation in which at times can lead to physical violence and harm. 

Compassion is learning the ability to accept events as they are with an open and loving heart. To let go of acting and reacting in a conditional and negative way and replace those thoughts with acceptance, it is only then that we can truly move forward. 

Ahimsa is the ability to develop positivity in all aspects of life, a cosmic love for all living things. 

Hatred is replaced with love. 

It is a true sacrifice, it is forgiveness and it is true strength. This is Ahimsa. 

If you can't forgive someone for what they have done against you or if you can't forgive yourself for something you have done then this is too an act of violence because you are pushing love away. 

Ahimsa if understood correctly can be the ultimate weapon; it turns one’s enemy into a friend, thereby banishing the possibility of further conflict. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi 

Where in your life could you practice more Ahimsa; non-violence & compassion?


1 Reason why I don't eat animals (it's not what you may think!)


There, that's it! Simple.

Why would I eat another living being? Why do we see some animals elite or different from others? Why is a dog different from a cow or different from a human being for that matter? We all operate on DNA, and share the same molecular mechanisms, we all have a nervous system, heart, brain legs, arms ect. even though our visible bodies are different, Is that why? Because we look different so we should torture, murder and eat each other? We all go through the same life cycle from a mother & father giving birth to a precious child to nurture and raise on this planet, but wait because we are a cow, a pig, a turkey or any other type of animal you eat we should have our babies taken from us and have them raped, tortured and murdered and then people eat us? Do we still live in the stone ages? Are we cavemen? Have we not evolved from then? Wow. Crazy stuff. Real & true. Choose to open your eyes, open your mind and your heart. Or not. Each to their own I say! 

Samsara 2011 Documentary

Wow. This filmed touched me on so many different levels I can't even begin to explain. I was in tears within the first 5 minutes which what I thought was extremely strange as at the time it made no sense but by the end I knew why. 

For me this film was so intriguing and so incredibly emotional there are no words, I mean there are actually no words.  

Throughout the film in some moments I was in a deep mediative state and at peace with the beauty, sometimes extremely emotional and questioning all of existence on earth and also moments of absolute confusion and disgust which in reality pretty much sums up life in general which is why I think I connected so well with it. 

Having no words was so much more special to me. 

We live on this place called earth which does in fact have peace and so much beauty but yet so much violence, fear, sickness, death, corruption, anger, hate, judgement & negativity. But why? 

I seem to get more confused day by day as I continue to expand and open my mind to live my life more consciously which to me means to respect our planet and all living beings and trying my hardest not to live in this world as above mentioned. Now when I have a negative thought about something or someone I try and figure out why and do my best to let it go and replace those thoughts with acceptance and love. There is no need to express it if it does not come from a place of love because I am only hurting myself (because it is not true) and others, instead I choose to change that thought. 

One of the conclusions that came to mind while watching this film with no words is, for anyone that wants to open their mind to something more than what this materialistic world the majority of us live in is, the truth is we all come from a place of pure love, peace, happiness and pure consciousness without thought & without words. I hear people all the time say "speak your mind" "even if it hurts or it's nasty tell them what you think" and unfortunately I used to do this a lot but in reality if we are doing this and speaking or acting in a negative and hurtful way this is not the truth, this does not come from a place of love, this comes from a place of hurt. When we judge another we are not defining them we are defining ourselves. Until we can strip down these layers of conditional thinking and fear we will never be truly happy. 

What do you think the world would be like without words? 


Bree Naomee



The misconception of Yoga - Short & Sweet

I hear so many people saying "I am not flexible enough" "I am too old" "I have too many injuries" or "I am not skinny enough" to do Yoga. There is such a massive misconception of what Yoga actually is. You DO NOT need to be flexible to practice Yoga and you are never too old to practice Yoga, yoga is for every-BODY. 

Yoga is not about how to look good in a posture and flexibility and it is such a shame that modernised Yoga in some way has led people to believe this.

Yoga is a way of life, yoga helps us connect on a deep emotional level to deal with everyday life stress and to be more accepting and loving of ourselves and others. Yoga is union and yoga is evolutionary. 

Yoga can give you the ability to recognise and have control over your thoughts, to change conditional thinking and negative patterns in our lives. Practicing Yoga creates more openness and space in our bodies and in our minds. It is a connection between the mind, body & soul and Yoga is healing.

We all want more peace in our life right?

It begins with YOU. It begins with wanting to make a positive change in your life, to have more freedom, more acceptance, more patience, more understanding of who you truly are, more clarity, more strength and so much more on a deeper level so you can start living life to your full potential without fear. 

True happiness. 

Bree Naomee