7 Elements Detox Retreat

Sunshine Coast May 24-27th SOLD OUT!!

Sunshine Coast Sep 26-29th (limited spaces available)

Heal your body and transform your mind with this boutique detox Retreat on the Sunshine Coast. 

Taking time out for yourself regularly is imperative for your health and wellbeing.

90% of all dis-eases are associated with STRESS whether physically, mentally or emotionally and 1 in 5 people suffer from autoimmune, inflammation and gut/digestion issues - this is your body communicating a call to action to do something different! Our beautiful bodies are able to heal, we do not have to live with these conditions.

This retreat is not a detox retreat about starving yourself it is a detox from the busyness of life, an opportunity to slow down, to de-stress, reflect, learn, grow, to give to yourself, to heal and let go of anything that is not serving you in life. 

You are nourished with filling organic smoothies for breakfast, and organic hearty soups for lunch and dinner for providing full nutrients while allowing our digestive system to rest.

What we focus on during the retreat:

Understanding belief systems and how to let go of limiting beliefs.

Learning the heart of emotional intelligence and feel at peace with your inner and outer worlds.

Giving your digestive system a rest and improve your gut health through learning and experiencing the importance of detox and cleansing.

Developing self-love and compassion with Yoga and mindfulness.

Finding your purpose through the exploration of deep inner wisdom and realign yourself with your true core values.

Learning the art of daily application and personal growth through these 7 elements.

Opening and expanding your consciousness through energy healing and more!  

All inclusive boutique retreat 

-3 nights / 4 days deluxe accommodation 

-Private & exclusive mountain retreat (limited to 7 people)

-All organic detox meals & juices 

-Morning meditation 

-Gentle yoga & movement

-Nutrition & gut health workshop

-Private energy healing session

-Evening Yin Yoga & mindfulness classes 

-Personal development workshops & activities 

-Magnesium pool & sauna therapy 

-Relaxation & rejuvenation 

Check in 4pm Friday, check out 2pm Monday 

This exclusive and transformative retreat is limited to only 7 people, reserve your space today!

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For people wanting to experience and explore alternative ways of thinking and being and who care about their health and wellbeing. You have arrived here for a reason and that reason may be that you have a calling to learn natural self-healing and empowement techniques to enable you to build your inner strength, become resilient and connect with your body, mind & spirit on a deeper level.

If you feel like you could use a little self love whether you are suffering from dis-ease, digestive issues, stressed, overworked, just need a little space, want to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally or just need a bloody break from your habitual life then we would love to have you on the next retreat.

You do not need to be an experienced Yogi by any means, in fact classes are very gentle and more about slow mindful movement and stretching, you will learn that asana (physical poses) is a very small part of Yoga and the real essence is about how you can take the philosophy of Yoga off the mat to improve your quality of life on all levels.


What people say

Fantastic experience! Very inspiring, motivational and life changing. I feel like I am walking out a new person.

Loved the workshops and energy healing. The magnesium pool and sauna were great and become almost an addiction, so invigorating!

I loved the location and setting. The bed was SO comfortable.

Learning about limiting beliefs and emotional intelligence was the most beneficial for me and it will change my life.

I would definitely recommend the 7 Elements Retreat.

- Lily Roberts



Bree Naomee a health and wellness educator, retreat facilitator, experienced and certified yoga & mindfulness teacher and certified Pilates & fitness instructor. 

Her dharma (purpose) is helping you live to your highest potential through the understanding and application of 7 elements. This includes understanding and letting go of limiting belief systems, emotional intelligence and management, nutrition, yoga, exercise & fitness, realigning yourself with core values, the art of meditation and empowerment. 

Bree believes that in order to be the best version of ourselves we need to work on all of these elements as a whole. Her passion for the wellness industry shines through her teachings and she is well known for her supportive approach and love for helping others develop love and compassion towards self, others and the world around us. 

Bree Naomee runs retreats around the world sharing her story and helping many by inviting people to join her on this journey of self healing, empowerment and overall life abundance through these 7 elements.



Leanne is a qualified Medical Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner who runs her own successful business on the Sunshine Coast. She is passionate about helping people release some of the emotional, physical, mental and energetic blocks they are experiencing in their lives. She uses different techniques in her sessions such as sound healing and toning to release these blocks and to help people become more connected to themselves. Leanne thrives on plant based/ high vibrational foods, as they help her to be a clear channel and the best version of herself, and advocates a balanced lifestyle filled with plenty of movement, fun, self-reflection and love. She also works alongside Amy from Inner Beauty Colonics where they offer packages focusing on shifting blocks in the physical body and in the emotional field.



Amy is one of the most experienced and qualified colon hydrotherapists on the Sunshine Coast.  

Amy is dedicated and passionate about her profession and is motivated to educate on the connection between gut health and your overall health,  " you cannot truly have one without the other". 

Inner beauty is the name of the very successful  private  and  intimate clinic  she runs on the sunshine coast. The clinic it is essentially all about correcting,maintaining and enhancing your whole digestive system, using proven effective methods of liver cleansing regimes and colon hydrotherapy to safely and comfortably cleanse and renew you,  she does this by providing the eduction needed to safely cleanse in clinic and at home with confidence. 

Amy all works in very closely with Leanne there is no denying the mental physical and energetic connection and the need for clearing in all these areas.

It is the most important step maintaining or regaining vital health."

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