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Her Wild Splendor

a women's retreat...

The gift of being woman is to feel deeply. When this gift is awakened, the eroticism of being alive is palpable. We hold the power to experience every one of our cells vibrating with the force of creativity. We have the capacity to be extraordinarily embodied and to move through life guided by our intuition. 

Being woman means acknowledging, embracing and embodying the goddess within. It is she who feels tantalising pleasure in the dullest of moments. It is she who walks straight into the darkness, ablaze and fearless. 

This retreat will be a reset and a re-sensitization of your feminine nature, established in deep embodiment practices. It is an offering to remember your power to feel and to express yourself as a woman more fully than ever before. In these 7 days, you will be granted an immersion into you in the motherly embrace of the Peruvian Andes. 

We are living in a time of great transformation. It is the rise of the feminine. As the women who are being called, it is up to us to stand up, take lead and commence the journey so that we may take part in healing and balancing the divine feminine on this planet.

This retreat is for women of all ages, orientations, abilities and paths. Asana, meditation and pranayama will be included in our daily practices, but this retreat will be so much more than a yoga getaway. This is an invitation into the depths of your womanhood in the presence of sisters to wake up to your radiance. This retreat will include free movement and dance, sister circles, flow and yin yoga, meditation, breath work, self care rituals, journaling, song and voice activation and tons of time spent connecting with nature.

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