Yoga Alma Balmoral Instructors

All of our instructors are trained in Anatomy and teach all classes with a functional anatomy approach offering variations in each class to suit every-BODY. 


BREE NAOMEE - owner / YOGA & PILATES instructor 


Bree wanted to bring a different experience to her home town Bulimba after travelling and teaching around the globe for a few years. She is very passionate about teaching and loves sharing her experiences with students. She offers a warm creative open space where beginners are highly encouraged to come and explore the teachings of Yoga.

Bree discovered the beautiful healing powers of Yoga over 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune disease and was hospitalised. She was told she would never recover and be on heavy medication for the rest of her life and that she would need to have her bowel removed. After a year long battle Bree refused to accept this and turned to yoga & nutrition, Bree found that yoga and nutrition not only physically helped heal her body but a huge part of curing herself was that yoga helped her mentally and emotionally.

Bree’s love affair with Yin Yoga developed over 7 years ago and helped heal sports injuries, a herniated disc and bulging discs in her spine which she was again told would never heal!  She now dedicates her life to healing and helping others through the amazing benefits of Yoga and self care. Bree offers Yin Yoga Immersions, Retreats and trainings at her studio in Brisbane and around the globe, she is well known for her unique, warm and knowledgable style of teaching. 

In one of Bree's classes you can expect a high level of support, guidance, positivity, inspiration and scientific knowledge. Throughout the session you can expect to hear inspiring quotes, a guided theme to calm the mind and the benefits of Yoga and how we can use this practice not only on the mat but off the mat in our day to day lives to assist with stress & anxiety, injury management and prevention our relationships and so much more. 

She is a Member of Yoga Alliance & Yoga International & you can find a short bio of Bree at with Bernie Clark and some of the worlds most inspiring Yin Yoga teachers.      



Meredith's love for yoga developed about 10 years ago, around the time when she became unwell due to severe endometriosis. Yoga quickly became an important part of her life and she knew in her heart she would eventually train and become a yoga teacher. Meredith's teacher training experience was life changing and she knew she had made the right decision.

Yoga and nutrition were key aspects to Meredith's recovery from major surgery for endometriosis, where she had part of her bowel removed and lost most of the function in her left kidney. Not only did Meredith fall in love with yoga, she developed a love of nutrition as well. This lead her to study a BHSc Nutrition where she is now in her final year and looks forward to helping others on their healing journey.

Yoga has helped Meredith develop self-compassion and has taught her to nurture her mind and body; Meredith enjoys weaving these concepts into to her yoga classes. 

Meredith is also a volunteer of the Endometriosis Association Queensland (Qendo), where she supports anyone affected by endometriosis.



Paula was working as a Professional Engineer in the Corporate world and really loved learning the mechanics of how things work, and then she realised that the Corporate world wasn’t for her.

Quite accidentally, Paula discovered Yoga and knew immediately that this was her path and how she could transfer her skills and experience in processes into the mechanics of the body.

The concepts of mindfulness, balance, peace of mind, body acceptance and connection were exactly what she was looking for.

Paula’s focus is on meeting the needs of people who often find traditional yoga practice exclusive and inaccessible. By adapting yoga postures to everyone, yoga is inclusive like its own philosophy.

Making a difference and empowering people to undergo their own metamorphosis is rewarding and transformative in itself.


Dianne Hauritz

Dianne has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years now. Having experienced many challenges in her life she found that yoga was the first thing that showed her a way to connect (and heal) mentally, physically and spiritually. She has been so blessed to have trained and studied with some of the best yoga teachers in the world and has recently returned from India and USA where she spent the last 2 months reconnecting with her guru and continuing her studies in Yoga and Psychology.

Yoga is her life and Dianne cannot wait to share what she has been learning with you all. She hopes you’ll join her on the mat Fridays’ @ 5:45am. Book now to secure your spot and to welcome her to Yoga Alma.