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Harmony Healing Sessions

Harmony Healing Sessions (75 minutes)

“It is a cosmic principle that we either live in imbalance or act to create balance”.
~ Aadil Palkhivala

The way we live in our modern society and through lifestyle choices, provides many
reasons why we may move out of balance. Disharmony is felt in the physical body through symptoms or illness, and also felt through emotional and mental stress.

Every person is unique and may require different healing tools to gradually move back into a state of harmony. 

Harmony Healing is a beautifully supportive modality to bring yourself into alignment,
be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. There will always be a discussion at the start of each session to understand what you would like to work with on these multi layers of your being.

Krissi has 25 years practice in yoga, mindfulness and various massage and energy
therapies, and more recently incorporating sound healing with her own voice, Tibetan
singing bowls, sansula, medicine drum, drone flute, rattle and chimes. She provides a
nurturing and relaxing space that allows people to surrender to the process. Sound
vibration for healing combined with hands on therapy, essential oils, yoga postures and
mantras, offers a powerful healing experience, as Krissi is guided intuitively based on what
each individual needs during the session.

Both Krissi and Bree are excited to offer Harmony Healing sessions at the Yoga Alma studio in
Balmoral on Mondays 10am - 4pm and Fridays 12 - 6pm.

All bookings go directly through Krissi on 0437 135 384

All sessions are a minimum of 75 minutes at $119