Bree Naomee
Age: 35
Born: Australia
From: Brisbane
Currently based: Balmoral, Brisbane


Certified - Hatha/Vinyasa Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher & Pilates Mat    

Bree Naomee is a health and wellness educator, retreat facilitator, experienced and certified yoga & mindfulness teacher, certified Pilates & fitness instructor and Wellness Photographer. Wow that sounds like a lot!! Well life is full of opportunity and she believes life is about experiencing everything that makes you feel joy so what's stopping you from doing it all? 

Bree’s dharma (purpose) is helping you live to your highest potential through the understanding and application of 7 elements. This includes understanding and letting go of limiting belief systems, emotional intelligence and management, nutrition, yoga, exercise & fitness, realigning yourself with core values, creativity, the art of meditation and empowerment.                                                                                                          

Bree discovered the beautiful healing powers of Yoga over 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune disease and was hospitalised. She was told she would never recover and be on heavy medication for the rest of her life.  After a year long battle Bree refused to accept this and turned to yoga & nutrition, Bree found that yoga and nutrition not only physically helped heal her body but a huge part of curing herself was that yoga helped her mentally and emotionally. 

Her passion for the deeply therapeutic practice of Yin Yoga and Pilates helped Bree heal sports injuries, a herniated disc and bulging discs in her spine which she was again told would never heal. She now dedicates her life to healing and helping others through the amazing benefits of Yoga and self care through her classes and health & wellness coaching sessions.

Having trained with some of the best teacher trainers and mentors around the globe for Yin Yoga, she shares this knowledge and love for anatomy through her teachings. Bree completed her Diploma of Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) in Costa Rica and trained at the Queensland Pilates institute for Pilates. Core strength is such a vital part of looking after the body and Bree incorporates this into all her Hatha/Vinyasa & Pilates classes. She has attended many workshops and trainings around the world including many different healing techniques and has travelled around the world teaching, practicing and learning with people from all walks of life.  She a lifetime student of Yoga, Pilates and fitness and loves bringing all these modalities together.

Bree teaches from a functional anatomical approach, guides you through the importance of connecting and improving relationship to breath and mindfulness to every practice.  After recovering from injuries and spending years of practice from Hatha/Vinyasa, Bikram to Yin and Yang styles of Yoga, Bree has taken a little piece of goodness from each practice, each training and from her mentors all around the world to develop a unique, easy to follow and practical way to understand Yoga and its benefits for beginners and all levels. In one of Bree's classes you can expect support, guidance, understanding of the variations in the anatomical body, positivity and a bubble of laughter thrown in! 

Disease and injury form from stress in our mind which creates stress on our body and as a result our bodies start fighting and attacking and disease and injury is formed. When we choose to open our mind to alternative healing, stepping away from pharmaceutical medication (which only creates other addictions and creates other diseases in our bodies) we can truly dig deeper to where the underlining problem is coming from.  

Life is a continual journey of learning and growing and it is important to open our minds and change the ways of conditional thinking and actions so we can free ourselves from addiction, depression, stress, anxiety, injury and many other forms of negative mental states that are so common today.

Member of Yoga Alliance & Yoga International & you can find a short bio of Bree at with Bernie Clark and some of the worlds most inspiring Yin Yoga teachers.  


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