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The body achieves what the mind believes. Mindset is the most important aspect of health and wellness.

When we become aware that our thoughts are inherently flexible we can become empowered to let go that which no longer serves us and invite new ways of thinking and viewing ourselves and the world.

Practicing gratitude, yoga & mindfulness lights the way in our daily lives in a powerful and transformative way.

Bree Naomee is our Yoga & mindfulness master that will help you de-stress, sleep better, maintain focus and reinforce healthy habits of the mind.


Your body is the ONLY place you have to live. What we think, how we move and what we eat are 3 most important daily choices that directly shape our quality of life.

Throughout the challenge you will learn and experience the importance of balancing the body with movement practices which build strength, improve muscle tone, increase energy, improve flexibility, manage weight and so much more.

Caitlin Maree is our leading motivational and fitness expert. She will help you to stay motivated, stay strong and keep you accountable so you can achieve your goals throughout the challenge.


Breath is spirit and spirit is energy. We create space for spirit to move in and out of our physical body which is made of trillions of cells (energy) by breathing.

By connecting with breath (spirit) we arrive home to a place of pure consciousness and presence.

This is life - Bree Naomee

As we move through mind, body and spirit practices we learn how to connect breath to movement and nourish the spirit within us.

We become more mindful, connected and present in life which improves our relationship to self, others and the world.



Yoga Alma is a holistic health & wellness house offering a wide range of yoga & pilates classes and health & wellness services. Located in the beautiful suburb of Balmoral Brisbane, this unique and colourful studio welcomes all.

We specialise in helping beginners get started on the deeply therapeutic journey of practicing Yoga, Pilates & mindfulness on and off the mat.


Monday - 5:45am Hatha, 6:15pm Hatha, 7:30pm Yin Yoga

Tuesday - 4:30pm Pilates Mat, 5:45pm Yin Yoga

Wednesday - 6am 30min HIIT Pilates, 9am Pilates, 7:30pm Yin

Thursday - 4:30pm Yin Yoga, 5:45pm Pilates

Friday - 5:45am Hatha, 9:30am Yin Yoga

Saturday - 7:30am Hatha

Sunday - 4:30pm Yin Yoga



We all crave connection and belonging. It’s one of our fundamental needs as a human! So Fit Familia (Spanish for Family) is all about that tribe vibe. While we offer exceptional group training sessions to challenge the body, we also strive to create a fun and encouraging environment for our Fit Familia. A place where everyone is accepted and supported throughout their health and fitness journey and all wins are celebrated, big and small!

Our sessions are a mixture of functional movement, strength and conditioning, high-intensity interval training to help you improve fitness, decrease body fat and increase mobility. All sessions are designed to cater to any fitness levels so anyone and everyone can be a part of our Fit Familia!


Monday - Thursday


Saturday - 10:30am

The challenge

The balanced body challenge is to motivate you to be consistent and take daily action by attending 28 classes in 28 days, that’s right! You are welcome to attend as many Yoga, Pilates and Bootcamp sessions as you like. If you need to miss a day then you can make up for it by attending 2 classes in one day.

You have access to unlimited bootcamp sessions, unlimited Yoga & Pilates, continued support and motivation, access to a private community group page with daily inspiration, guides, recipes and 2 bonus gifts!

At the end of the 28 days you will feel revitalised, rejuvenated, regenerated, strong, healthy, calm, connected and centred so you can make 2019 the most amazing year of your life!!


The person that attends the most classes over the 28 days receives this wellness prize pack values at over $500!

  • 1 month Yoga Alma membership ($160 value)

  • 1 month Fit Familia membership ($120 value)

  • 1 x 60 minute massage ($95 value)

  • ‘Yoga King’ yoga mat ($35 value)

  • Obsessed Gymwear Booty Bands ($29.95 value)

  • 1 x Private Yoga, Pilates or Personal Training session ($90 value)

PLUS… Sign up with a friend and receive a $20 Thrive Natural Health voucher!

Here’s what people say….

Caity’s bootcamps are fun, unique and always kick my butt! I always leave feeling like I’ve done a great workout. Caity is positive and encouraging and always on hand to help improve technique. Fit Familia is one of the most motivating groups I’ve ever been a part of!

— Kathryn
Absolute find. Bree has a wonderful gentle way and teaches beautiful calm restorative yoga. There is something here for everyone no matter you age ability or sex. Her evening deep Yin Stretch wash away all the days troubles and make you ready for a great nights sleep. Can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Bree.

- Caroline
The bootcamps are fun, the challenges yield fantastic results and the support from Caitlin is phenomenal! Caitlin is a wealth of knowledge and information on all things health- fitness, nutrition, mindset, self-care, self love & acceptance.... she brings an all round approach to improving your fitness and creating sustainable habits of healthy living!! Plus the rest of the tribe are encouraging and suppose of each other while chasing down goals together

— Lauren
Brisbane’s best kept secret!

I have always found yoga studios daunting and have always been self conscious being new to the practice and positions - this was never an issue at Yoga Alma.

Bree has created both a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in her classes and looks after all of her students. Bree is very accommodating to any injuries or limitations but will also encourage you to find your boundaries.

Since starting at Yoga Alma I have found a better version of myself. The Yin classes bring me inner peace, calm my mind and it has helped with my anxieties more than I anticipated.

I am absolutely hooked and look forward to my classes each week!!

- Cate